About Us

Our Story & Mission

At Concrete Poppy sustainability paired with great design is everything we believe in. From the roots of why Concrete Poppy started, the life of a candle is short. The founder, Elaina Keegan, first started hand pouring old vessels of friends and family and re-gifted them back with fun scent concoctions as a hobby. As word got out, she began to receive an endless amount of old, burned glass containers and she realized something should be done. With an Industrial Design background, a love of working with her hands, and a bold commitment to creating sustainable products Concrete Poppy Design was born.

CPD pairs high quality ingredients with beautiful vessels, that don't just blend in with your space but makes your space. Something that you didn't want to hide afterwards, but continue to use for good

At CPD collections and vessels are constantly changing as new beautiful ceramics are found and crafted into candles with intention that one day it will become a planter. Learn more about Burn to Bloom.

Meet the Maker


I'm Elaina, the founder and owner of Concrete Poppy Design. I have an Industrial Design background, a love of working with my hands, and a bold commitment to creating sustainable products. CPD was formed in 2020 in Oakland, California in 2020 and has since expanded to Denver, CO.

All of our candles are 100% soy wax from U.S. grown soy beans, non-toxic oils, vegan, and hand poured in unique ceramic vessels. I like to call it "Burn to Bloom - Intentionally designed to stay in your home for good". Each candle comes with a vial of wildflower seeds and instructions on how to transform your vessel into a planter! A seamless combination of high quality, beauty, and sustainability. 

To me, wildflowers represent unconventional beauty with strength to grow through cracks in the concrete; a joy in the simple unexpected things. Throw your new seeds in the garden for the bees and the birds or wait until you burn through your candle to watch them pop up in your vessel. Most importantly, lengthen the life of your vessel as it deserves more time in your home.

When I'm not in the studio, you can find me somewhere outside in the sun or playing on a couple of planks in winter, spending time with family and friends or talking to my plants. I would love to connect, so please to reach out! 

Thanks for being here!