Candle Care

Concrete Poppy candles are 100% all natural soy wax, so taking the right care is important to experience the best burn!

Make sure your wick is 1/4th in long before lighting

The first burn = the most important! Soy wax has memory, so make sure you've got about 3-4 hours before lighting your new candle. It is important to let your candle's melt pool reach to the edge. This is usually about 3-4 hours

Don't burn for more than 4-5 hours or your candle will get too hot

Before each burn, trim your wick. If you don't have a wick trimmer handy, you can use your fingers to "break" the wick. (It will break off right where its supposed to)

Enjoy your candle each and every time you light it! 

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