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Airy - Cleansing - Bright
A refreshing oasis with zesty bergamot and crisp white tea. Invigorating lemongrass and sea salt lead to a garden of fresh mint, peony, and jasmine.
This uplifting scent transforms your space into a cleansing sanctuary.
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Airy Floral

Amber Absinthe

Find the perfect balance of airy and sweet infused with an essence of musk. Beautifully paired with undertones of rich amber and sea salt swirly with notes of smooth jasmine and creamy tonka bean. An unexpected blend of fresh, floral and salty.

We love burning Amber & Absinthe all year long, a great everyday aroma for bedrooms and family rooms to freshen our space.

Zesty Citrus

Grapefruit Ginger

Brighten any space with a tangy and invigorating blend of citrus and zesty ginger. Boldened by top notes of lemon zest, orange peel and champagne. Let this uplifting aroma elevate your mood and energize your surrounding.

Team Pick: I love burning Grapefruit Ginger in the morning to liven up our kitchen and bathroom spaces. -Avery, Sales

Exotic Musk

Sandalwood & Tobacco Leaf

Dive into the depths of velvety smooth sandalwood and earthy amber captured with a complex blend of spicy ginger and peppercorn. A musky base perfectly balanced with a hint of sweetness from warm tobacco leaves.

Team Pick: I love filling the room with Sandalwood & Tobacco leaf on those cozy evenings with a good movie. -Jake, Production

Bright Woody

Dry Gin Botanicals

Imagine inhaling the essence of botanical gin. Crisp and piney juniper paired harmoniously with earthy cedar wood and musky patchouli, all brighten with fresh mint. Close your eyes and let this aroma fill your space with the tranquility of nature to awaken your senses.

I love Dry Gin Botanicals in shared spaced where friends and family gather or burning on my desk while I work to keep me grounded. -Jordan, Marketing

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