Fixing A Tunnel.

Extend The Life Of Your Candle.

What is Tunneling?

Tunneling is when the wax only melts in the middle, creating a “tunnel” while the outer wax stays solid.

Why is it happening? 

Tunneling can occur if the candle isn't burned long enough on the first use, allowing the wax to melt to the edges (typically a 3-5 hour burn). This initial burn, known as the 'Memory Burn,' is important for consistency later on. Other factors can also create tunneling such as improper wick trimming, airflow or drafts. If there’s a thin ring of solid wax around the edge, not a problem, it usually will work itself out on future burns.

Tunneled Candle

Why Does It Matter?

Tunneled candles may reduce total burn time & may not fix themselves. If it’s a deep tunnel from a short first burn, it will continue to only melt this far on future burns, so it may need a little extra help.

But don’t worry, we have a quick & easy fix!

Fix Your Tunneled Candle

Five Easy Steps

1) Trim the wick to 1/4 inch.

2) Wrap aluminum foil around top of candle.

3) Shape aluminum foil inward to create tent-like shape leaving an open hole at top for ventilation.

4) Remove the aluminum foil, light the wick(s) then place the foil tent back on the candle.

5) Burn until the top surface of wax has completely melted all the way to the side of your vessel.

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